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Welcome to the Home Page of DJ Infam0us

Bobby "Infam0us" Scarbrough was born in Fayetteville Arkansas. At an early age he discovered his love of music buried in the stack of records his Dad had collected, and his love for video games at the helm of an Atari 2600. 

As a teenager Infam0us enjoyed D&D, the NES, Super Nintendo, and dancing awkwardly in public. Not much has changed over the years. He did finally move on to Xbox 360. 

from 2000 - 2002 Infam0us worked in the underground goth nights of Dallas Texas supporting the various DJs and and production groups producing events in the Goth community eventually founding with Alicia McMahon who became integral in all of his work in the community. 

After the birth of his eldest son, Infam0us moved back to his home state of Arkansas and again engaged in supporting the goth community there. During this period he also discovered the world of Steampunk. Eventually he embarked on his first journey as a DJ. 

Infam0us immediately fell in love with the artistry and deep communication that is using music to convey feeling and intensity to a crowd in order to move them to dance and experience the depth of passion within the music. 

In 2007 Infam0us was invited to play his first convention. From then on fandom, nerdiness, and music were inseparable. Infam0us is a lover of all things silly and ridiculous, whether it's over the top vaudeville, memetronica, or cross over fandoms blending the very serious with the utterly ridiculous. 

It is his belief that music should be ... fun.